Love and Friendship

Postcards & Prosecco

Tiger Mountain, Georgia

Edition 01  July 2016


Laura & Eric
Laura & Eric

There’s not much that could persuade me to cut my Italy trip short and return to the states. But when my dear friend of nearly twenty years finally said yes to one of the best men I know, I happily rearranged my summer travel plans to attend their wedding.

Mr. and Mrs.
At last.

In my life, I have been blessed with the gift of great friendships and count Laura among that treasured list.

Kathy, Annmarie, Laura, & Courtney

If you know Laura and Eric, you know that individually they are each brilliantly smart, thoughtfully kind, wonderfully witty, and fearlessly adventuresome. Yet, together they are even more extraordinary. A sum far greater than its parts. Together their brightly shining stars align, enriching the lives of those they love, and reminding us all of how powerful and beautiful love and life can truly be.
Congratulations Laura and Eric!

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