Autumn in Montréal

Postcards & Prosecco

Montréal, Quebéc

Edition 01  October 2017

It was an all too quick trip work trip. Conference sessions quickly filled up my days keeping me inside the hotel. But late one afternoon, I ventured out and stepped into the brisk sunshine. A few blocks from the hotel, I climbed aboard a city tour for a quick jaunt around the majestic city.  Ablaze in autumn splendor, Montréal dazzled and delighted, leaving me wishing for more time to spend in this the largest French speaking city in the world. C’est magnifique!


Venetian Stroll

Postcards & Prosecco

Venice, Italy

Edition 01  July 2017

As the sun sets, and the crowds subside, St. Mark’s Square transforms into the most delightful of places. The orchestras on bandstands throughout the square take to the stage. Music fills the air serenading lucky visitors and local residents alike as silver tray service and debonaire white jacket waiters add to the magic that is St. Marks after sunset. In the span of an evening you may see a proposal on bended knee, a elderly couple dancing a waltz, and scores of brides and grooms posing for photographs. The cobalt blues of the cathedral and brilliant golds of the mosaics cast a ambient glow that showcases this treasure of Venice in perfect light.

Lessons in La Dolce Vita

Postcards and Prosecco


Edition 01 January 2017

During the Summer of 2016 I lead a group of Jacksonville University students on The Grand Tour of Italy. Following the trip, several of the students were so inspired  they continue to work with me through the fall semester, producing a video illustrating the lessons they learned on the journey. Their stunningly beautiful video and personal stories are featured here for you to enjoy.