About Postcards and Prosecco

Welcome to Postcards and Prosecco–two  of my favorite things. I am Annmarie, the writer, photographer, and creator behind Postcards and Prosecco.  As a professor, I do a lot of academic writing and research. Through Postcards and Prosecco I’m able to share my more creative work and travel abroad with you. When I’m not at the university, there’s a good chance I’m off on an adventure of some sort– looking, listening, and learning from the shared experiences of others and their authentic stories. Before I became a professor, I was a broadcast journalist and came to understand and appreciate the power and beauty of storytelling through images and words.

Cruising around Capri

Taking a turn at the wheel for a sunset cruise around the Isle of Capri.

As a storyteller, I view the world with a love of the literary and a flare for the visual. Communications remains my passion, my craft, and my expertise. When done well, the ability to effectively communicate embodies art, draws us together, and empowers change. And leaving the world a little better, is something I think we are all called to do.

You’re welcome to take a look around. The writing, photographs, and video — my digital postcards are my work and my art. I’m delighted to share the stories of my life in postcards with you as I look for the lessons in it all. Journey with me as I navigate my way through the this beautifully imperfect life while finding the time to savor life’s sparking moments writing postcards and sipping prosecco.