About Postcards and Prosecco

Welcome to Postcards and Prosecco with Annmarie. I’m Annmarie, the writer, photographer, and creator behind Postcards and Prosecco.  I have the good fortune of combining my passion for communications with my love of travel and culture.  Each year, I help students of all ages realize their dreams of studying and interning abroad. As part of my work, I spend time in other parts of the world, working with global education partners creating innovative educational programing.

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When done right, study abroad has the power to promote peace, replacing fear of the unknown with understanding, illuminating shared values, and cultivating respect for differences. Study abroad affords students and adults working on graduate degrees the opportunity to experience engaged learning while increasing their knowledge through personal understanding. It’s incredibly powerful and important in our global society.

As a communications professor, I do a great deal of academic writing and research. Great work, but not always a creative outlet. A former broadcast journalist, I teach multimedia and strategic social communication and storytelling.

Through Postcards and Prosecco I’m able to share my more creative work in pictures and words as I travel abroad with you.

A self described storyteller, I view the world with a love of the literary and a flare for the visual. As a professor and former journalist, communication is my passion, my craft, and my expertise. When done well, the ability to effectively communicate embodies art, draws us together, and empowers change. And leaving the world a little better, is something I think we are all called to do.

Shadows and Delight
The blue dome and bell tower of Pyrgos

I believe in education and insist it remains the one great hope for the future success of our children, our communities, and healthy vibrant democracies all over the world. I am committed to working to ensure quality educational opportunities are readily available and accessible for all. It has been a great honor to serve as my city’s Education Commissioner. While the appointment has drawn to a close, I remain committed to advocating for high quality educational opportunities for all.

Cruising around Capri
Taking a turn at the wheel around the Isle of Capri.

When I’m not at the university, there’s a good chance I’m off on an adventure of some sort– looking, listening, and learning from the shared experiences of others and their authentic stories. You’ll find me with my camera and coffee stained notebook in pursuit of sunshine and salt air, fashion and art, and travel and adventure. Often times that travel and adventure includes my two amazing daughters and my globe trotting sister. And while I work to seek beauty in the everyday, embrace opportunities for joy, and discover la dolce vita. The truth is, my life is both imperfect and sublime.

AM Villa Ruffolo
Villa Rufolo in Ravello, Italy.

You’re welcome to take a look around, drop me a line, and follow along on social media as these stories are best when shared. The writing, photographs, and video are my work and my art. I’m delighted to share the stories of my life in postcards with you as I look for the lessons in it all. Journey with me as I navigate my way through the this beautifully imperfect life while finding the time to savor life’s sparking moments writing postcards and sipping prosecco.